APIBC Event: Sep. 12 — 13, 2018

10th Australia Solomon Islands Business Forum

Sep. 12 — 13, 2018 All Day

Solomon Islands, approximately 3 hours flight to the north-east of Brisbane, offers good opportunities for Australian business in areas such as infrastructure (a new hydroelectricity project is in prospect), services, tourism development, sustainable forestry, agri-industry and fisheries. It is also a good time for mining services companies to be positioning themselves for possible growth in the mining sector in gold, nickel and bauxite. Construction of a new undersea fibre-optic communications cable will shortly commence between Australia and Solomon Islands and will provide additional business opportunities when it is completed in late-2019.

The economy has grown consistently in recent years, except for a contraction in 2014 caused by devastating floods and its consequences. It grew by around 3% annually since, and this is projected to continue. Exports are commodities-based and include timber, fish, cocoa and copra. The logging industry accounts for around 70 per cent of export earnings and 10 per cent of government revenue, but is expected to decline. In addition to providing key information about prospective business opportunities, the Forum brings together key business and government representatives from Australia and Solomon Islands and provides a unique opportunity for networking and exploring business opportunities.

The Australia Solomon Islands Business Forum, hosted by the Australia Pacific Islands Business Council in partnership with the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry, brings together senior Australian and Solomon Islands business and government representatives to hear and discuss information on current issues relating to doing business in the Solomon Islands. Last year this event was held in Honiara, Solomon Islands, and attracted over 150 participants.



Sep. 12 — 13, 2018 All Day