Disaster-proof your Business

Do you know that 1 in 4 businesses don’t survive after a large disaster strikes?

— By Pacific Islands Private Sector Organisation

The Pacific Region is at risk of many hazards that can become disasters. If you are prepared this will help keep your business open after disaster strikes while also making sure your staff and their families are safe.

Find out how you can reduce risk, be ready, respond accordingly and recover quickly from any disaster as a business through the Disaster-Ready Business Toolkit available from PIPSO. Watch the videos and read the fact sheets listed under Resources at this link.

The toolkit takes you through 12 easy steps to disaster-proof your business including;

1. Core product/services

2. Essential roles and skillsets

3. Essential equipment

4. Essential supplies

5. Relocation options

6. Insurance options

7. Delegation of authority

8. Contact details

9. Business records

10. Save this plan

11. Emergency Preparedness

12. Practice and update this plan

We encourage you to share these videos and fact sheets with your friends, colleagues, associates and networks as much as possible so we can all help each other to become disaster-ready. If you are a private sector organisation, chamber of commerce, business council and/or a disaster management office from the region, you can maximise and customise this toolkit to suit your country-specific needs. We have a manual which you can download that includes some basic instructions on how best to use the toolkit as well as a Facebook content plan, radio messages and text messages that you can translate and/or use immediately as part of an awareness campaign in your country.

Access Fact Sheet

Learn more at www.pipso.org.fj/stayopen 


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