APIBC NEWS : 17th Aug 2017

Pacific Welkam in Sydney: Development Opportunities for Australian Business

Our 6th Pacific Welkam with a panel session on 'Development in the Pacific: Opportunities for Australian Business.'


Our sixth Pacific Welkam event took place in Sydney on the 17th August. We had a great turnout of approximately 40 guests who attended to network and hear about 'Development in the Pacific: Opportunities for Australian Business.' with a panel of expert guest speakers.

Our sincere thanks to member company Dentons for generously sponsoring the event and providing a venue and refreshments for attendees.

We would particularly like to thank our three speakers, Mr Matthew Harding, Director, Pacific Economic Growth, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), Dr Alison Baker, Leader of International Development Assistance Group - Australia, GHD and Mr Albert Stafford, Director, The Stafford Group for the insight they provided and to the Moderator, Mr Ian Clarke, Global Vice Chair, Dentons Australia, who also provided an excellent overview and positive message on the abundant opportunities to be found in the Pacific.

This year, with the introduction of the Pacific Welkam Series, we are striving to create a quality program with a varied selection of speakers and industry updates, and also provide valuable networking opportunities for our members, and those interested in entering these markets and becoming a member of the Business Councils. In order to create useful, quality events, we would love to hear from you on what you would like to see and any feedback you may have on the Pacific Welkam's we have run to date.

if you are interested in hosting, attending or speaking at future events, please get in touch with the Secretariat.

If you wish to know about future events as a non-member, you can subscribe to our event updates.

You can access photos from this event on our Facebook Page.

Click here to access a short presentation by Matthew Harding on the rise in projected spending in the Pacific from different donor agencies including DFAT.

The next Pacific Welkam will take place in Brisbane on Thursday 9th November, details will be shared closer to the event.


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