About the Australia Pacific Islands Business Council

Building effective business relationships between Australia and the Pacific Islands region.

Membership of the Council is essential for any Australian company doing business in any of the Pacific economies, or looking to do so. Membership is open to any company or individual who supports the Council’s goals.

The Australia Pacific Islands Business Council is an independent association of businesses based in Australia and the Pacific Islands.

The APIBC was established in 2000 with the aim of providing a framework within which the private sector can communicate with the Australian and Pacific Islands governments at the highest political and policy advising levels with a view to finding solutions to trade and investment issues. It also provides members with an unparalleled network to help further their business goals in the Pacific Islands region. The APIBC works in close co-operation with the Australia Fiji Business Council and the Australia Papua New Guinea Business Council, which perform similar functions for business between Australia and those two countries.


Who Are The Members?

Membership of the Council includes a wide range of industry groups, from large corporations to small family companies.

Some of the industries represented are: shipping, trading companies, freight forwarding, manufacturing, transport, airlines, accountancy/audit, management and business consultancy, insurance, building & construction, tourism, banking, petroleum, tobacco, food/confectionery, and legal services.

By becoming a member, you can access these industries and a well-established network of businesses already operating in the Pacific Islands.

The Council operates with an Executive Committee made up of a President, Vice Presidents, several Executive Committee Members, view the current Executive Committee. 


What activities does the council offer its members?

The Council advances Australian business interests in the Pacific Islands through many means including:

  • The holding of trade, investment and information seminars on the Pacific Islands including the annual Australia Solomon Islands Business Forum, Australia New Caledonia Business Forum and Australia Vanuatu Business Forum;
  • Participation in regular bilateral Ministerial talks to discuss major policy issues of concern to Australian business;
  • Submissions to government on policy matters affecting Australian business interests in the Pacific Islands;
  • The receiving and sending of trade and investment delegations between Australia and the Pacific Islands;
  • Dissemination to members of information on current economic, political and social developments in the Pacific Islands;
  • Providing access to a network of Australian businesses with long experience in the Pacific Islands with whom members can seek and share information.
  • Access to an online hub of comprehensive information and timely updates on Australia and the Pacific Islands political, economic and social issues as well as frequent communication on these and other topics.
  • Members are given exclusive early access to Business Council activities such as invitations to important events, key meetings with government officials and delegates from both Australia and the Pacific Islands and opportunities to participate in trade delegations.
  • The Australia Pacific Islands Business Council is also developing a suite of member benefits within Australia and the Pacific Islands that will only be accessible to subscribed members.


The APIBC Business Council operates out of Brisbane.

You can learn more about the Australia Pacific Islands Council by downloading this brochure.

A copy of the Council’s constitution is also available here.