Pacific Legal Network has new member in Vanuatu

Mar 15, 2024 | Blog, Events, Pacific, Vanuatu

The Pacific Legal Network (PLN) has marked another milestone in its expansion efforts with the welcoming of La’au Lawyers from Vanuatu into its fold. This move underscores the network’s commitment to broadening its reach across the Pacific Island region, now spanning over 20 countries.

Jennifer La’au

Headed by Jennifer La’au, La’au Lawyers is a comprehensive local law firm in Vanuatu, catering to individuals, businesses, and foreign entities seeking legal services in the region. Their expertise ranges from commercial law to land matters and civil claims, with a focus on providing tailored assistance to the indigenous Ni-Vanuatu people and residents.

John Ridgway, Founder and Head of Legal Services at PLN, expressed his delight at the inclusion of La’au Lawyers, emphasizing the significance of Vanuatu in the network’s journey. He remarked, “For me, this is where the PLN journey began, and it is where I continue to love to visit and enjoy all that Vanuatu has to offer.”

Jennifer La’au, Principal of La’au Lawyers, reciprocated the sentiment, describing it as a significant honor for her firm to join the PLN family. She highlighted the cultural synergy between La’au Lawyers and PLN, likening their relationship to that of a Banyan Tree with many branches.

In her words, “La’au Lawyers is fortunate to be regarded as (in the Vanuatu context) a ‘brotherly or sisterly’ member of PLN.” She expressed eagerness to leverage this partnership to bring Vanuatu’s insights, values, and friendly demeanor to a broader audience.

With PLN’s global footprint expanding, clients can expect enhanced access to local legal expertise across the Pacific, facilitated by collaborative efforts such as this latest addition from Vanuatu.

The Pacific Legal Network (PLN) is a source for coordinated legal services, offering access to lawyers across various Pacific jurisdictions. With over two decades of presence in the region, PLN’s success is rooted in its extensive experience handling significant transactions and fostering enduring relationships with regional and international clients.