Campaign seen as ‘significant milestone’ for Solomons tourism

Nov 6, 2023 | Blog, News, Pacific, Solomon Islands

In a strategic move aimed at capitalising on the international TV coverage of the 2023 Pacific Games held in the Solomon Islands this month, Tourism Solomons and Solomon Airlines have joined forces to launch their most extensive international TV and digital campaign to date, marking a significant milestone for the destination’s tourism sector.

The two-tiered campaign, specifically targeting East Coast Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and Fiji, will kick off before the commencement of the two-week-long Pacific Games on 19 November and will run until mid-December 2023.

The comprehensive campaign includes two key elements designed to boost traffic to the Tourism Solomons website, The first component is a programmatic digital campaign that utilises various platforms, while the second is a partnership with SBS Australia, the official Pacific Games broadcaster. This partnership allows the Pacific Games to be broadcast directly into Australian and New Zealand households.

The digital component of the campaign leverages various platforms such as the Google Display Network, Facebook, and Instagram to highlight the diverse adventure activities offered in the Solomon Islands, including diving, surfing, fishing, and trekking.

The TV partnership with SBS features television spots and online advertisements as part of the live streaming experience. These advertisements are thoughtfully crafted to showcase the Solomon Islands’ unique attractions, enticing viewers to explore a range of specially crafted land and air combined packages offered by travel wholesalers specialising in Solomon Islands’ travel products.

Napoleon Padabela, Acting CEO of Solomon Airlines, expressed enthusiasm for the campaign, stating, “We are very enthusiastic to show Solomon Islands and Solomon Airlines to the world within the excellent opportunity of Pacific Games coverage. Through this multi-media campaign, awareness of our country and national carrier will be powerfully lifted, which is likely to open many eyes for the first time as to our attractions as a leisure destination and ease of air access to reach us.”

The timing of this campaign is auspicious, following the recent opening of Solomon Islands’ second international airport at Munda and the arrival of the second Airbus A320 international aircraft earlier this year. Padabela anticipates an exciting tourism response over time.

Dagnal Dereveke, Acting CEO of Tourism Solomons, underscored the significance of this campaign for the destination’s tourism sector, describing it as a “significant milestone.” He expressed confidence that the campaign would resonate with travellers seeking highly experiential and niche travel opportunities, setting the Solomon Islands apart from its South Pacific neighbours.

Dereveke highlighted the importance of the collaboration with Solomon Airlines, marking a significant step in their international marketing strategy. He stated, “While compared to other destination campaign spends, this might be considered a small step, I can assure you from the Solomon Islands perspective, it’s one giant leap. This initiative represents a major step for the entire Solomon Islands tourism industry as it continues to rebuild its profile and visitor intake to pre-pandemic levels, and we are confident it will hit the mark.”

The TV campaign was expertly designed and delivered by Melbourne-based Cherryielding. This concerted effort marks a pivotal moment in the promotion of the Solomon Islands as a premier travel destination.